Play Foursquare with Scotty's

4square2I am sure by now you know we love Foursquare at Scotty's Brewhouse. With over 30,000 check-ins from our guests, it looks like you all like it as well.

It's time to take it up another notch. When you check in at Scotty's Brewhouse, we want you to shout it out. Tell the world about it. Let them know who you're with, what you're drinking, or what your favorite meal is. Anything you want.

To make this even more fun, we'll give you a chance to get something in return for your shout out.

UPDATE: We are changing this up a bit. Each month we will be picking one random winner, and to change things up a little we are now giving away a Scotty's VIP Card. Also to make things a little easier to remember we have changed the hashtag to simply, "#ilovesbh" .

What are you waiting for? Start shouting out today and win with Scotty's Brewhouse.